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Explain Everything

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Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool with real-time collaboration that lets you animate, record, annotate, collaborate, and explore ideas, knowledge and understanding. Explain Everything provides teachers and students an opportunity to share thinking, reflect upon knowledge building, and assess both products and processes of learning. Available for iPad, Chromebook, Android, and Windows Devices.

Draw and Annotate

Explain Everything has unique drawing algorithms that make your drawings and annotations look great, regardless of what you use – finger or stylus. It also gives the ability to freely arrange your creations as every drawing and annotation can be moved, scaled, rotated, grouped, and flipped.

  • Create quick drawings and sketchnotes with the Draw Fill button
  • Bring attention to details or areas by marking them with the Highlighter
  • Full range of colors with opacity setting within the Color Picker including the Eyedropper and HEX/RGB menu
  • Write and draw naturally with Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity support

Import Photos, Videos, and Files

Insert and edit pictures, explain videos, work with documents, and presentation files. Thanks to Explain Everything’s wide support of multimedia files you can insert virtually any type of  content that’s fully interactive. Connect to your cloud storage and have them at your fingertips.

  • Pictures and Videos – create new or insert existing ones from your device or any of integrated cloud sources.
  • Documents and Presentations – provide all the necessary information in your project by inserting PDF, DOC, PAGES, XLS, NUMBERS, RTF, TXT documents and use preexisting presentation backgrounds created in other programs for maximum flexibility.
  • Sounds – record interactive audio clues, add music clips as background music for or as examples for your project.

Move, Interact, and Record

The engaging power of Explain Everything comes from the ability to interact with every object. Whether it’s a video, drawing, text, or web browser it can be moved, rotated, and scaled. When recording all these interactions are recorded as well giving you the ability to create exciting, animated projects.

  • Move everything – naturally interact with every object on the stage with easy gestures
  • Group objects quickly – triple-tap on overlapping objects to group them together
  • Control multimedia – move scrubbers, set volumes, and loop multimedia objects with their own set of controls
  • Multi-object movement – create dynamic animations by moving multiple objects simultaneously

Everything in the Timeline

Explain Everything has a clear visual representation of what happened during the recording. Voice and actions performed on the stage while recording are saved on the Timeline as clips. With scrollable timeline, editing options, and two recording modes you can exactly see each step, refine the project, create additional animations, or add voiceovers.

  • Exactly how it went – see every action on the Timeline in form of animation clips
  • Two recording modes – redo your recording or add new elements, animations and sounds to an existing recording
  • Timeline editing – split, delete, compact clips and parts of the recording

Infinite Canvas

You never run out of canvas space with Explain Everything. Use Zoom and Pan to zoom out infinitely on the entire stage for more space, zoom into details that hasn’t been previously visible, and pan around the stage for dynamic framing and animations. During collaboration, participants can set their own zoom position and work on various zoom levels.

  • Infinite Depth – add objects or drawings, zoom out and hide them to uncover them later in the course of your project
  • Two Zoom and Pan modes – one for precise framing and animations, second for dynamic live zoom experience
  • Work separately on the same project – with personal zoom you can choose your own part of the project to work on while collaborating

Add Text and Math Equations

Text boxes in Explain Everything allows for easy and simple text formatting and customization including wide set of fonts, full color range with opacity, borders, text alignment and text decoration. The Equation Editor that comes with special math keyboard also provides ability to insert math equations into your project in a quick and handy way.

  • Style as you like – with all the necessary formatting tools at hand you can adjust text for your project for any type of subject
  • Explain Math – with the included Equation Editor you can quickly create an equation without leaving the app
  • Move and Adjust – text boxes fields can be easily changed by dragging resize and move icons

Simple Interface

Starting out? Hide some of the advanced icons from the toolbar and make buttons bigger with Simple Interface option. When enabled it will change the interface to provide only the essential tools to help beginning users get a smooth start.

  • Grasp the basics – Simple Interface provides a great way for starting user to get used to the concept of creating and recording their own projects
  • Make it bigger – in Simple Interface mode tools and icons are bigger which makes them easier to tap, especially for younger users
  • Easy switch – the experience of Simple Interface has been designed for seamless transition into regular mode

Control the Stage

Inspector is one-stop tool for all options necessary for controlling objects on the stage. Ranging from order of appearance through automatic animations and movement locking it gives the ability to set the stage and behavior of objects exactly as you want.

  • Arrange – set objects’ order of appearance and layer them in just few taps
  • Lock – prevent content from moving in chosen directions or disable scaling and rotation, great for animations or if you want to keep your document steady while scaling
  • Editing spree – group, duplicate, copy, paste, and flip options are all available here

Share in two taps

Share your creations in two taps using the Discover portal. All projects exported to Discover are available in the cloud and can be viewed on the Discover website as videos. The compression that would happen on your device is made in the cloud.

  • Easy sharing – two taps and your project is available on the Discover portal with easy to share CODE or web link
  • Cloud compression – free your device and compress your project into video in the cloud
  • Private space – if you don’t feel like sharing you can always set them to private and use the Discover storage so you don’t have to keep them on your device