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Wojciech Radomski

CEO at StethoMe

Wojciech Radomski is focused on developing the product StethoMe™, which is about to revolutionise healthcare. It is the first worldwide electronic stethoscope with a thermometer and a system of detecting respiratory events.

Wojciech has over nine years of experience in leading and developing the company, as well as in managing innovative projects of the renowned brands. He is one of the founder of iTraff Technology - image recognition technology used by companies like CocaCola, EA or PepsiCo. He works great in a team, the idea which he is convinced about becomes his passion, which he is fully devoted to. When it comes to the quality of products, he does not like compromises. He is interested in things, which are crucial socially and advanced technologically. Privately, he loves adrenaline.

He likes challenges - they build his character. He prefers dogs to cats. He likes simple and clear forms of communication. He sees potential in people and he knows how to develop it. He is rather restrained and focuses on solutions, not on the problems.