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Mateusz Kurleto

CEO Neoteric

Matt Kurleto is a tech entrepreneur that founded Neoteric. Software development company that helps customers leverage the digital transformation by building cloud services. Since 2015 Neoteric spun-off 3 startups raising pre-seed rounds from Inventity Foundation and FerberVC.  saves you dozens of back-and-forth e-mails to set up appointments every week. After just 3 months it serves over 1500 users. That include professors from Wharton, Berkley, UCLA, Philipinian Embassy in Madrid and WeWork. 

SkillHunt is a headhunting platform that matches the best IT-talents with their dream jobs. We leverage the network of top developers with peer-to-peer referrals with a big cash bounties. After 6 months on the market we have a reach of over 20 000 talents and recruit for Amazon Development Center, Unified Factory and Brand24.  

SaaS Manager is a platform that helps you build saas apps 3-6 months faster. It gives you all you need in your SaaS as a set of microservices with a simple app to manage all. 

Matt goal is to help entrepreneurs leverage the digital transformation with the opportunities of the cloud. He believes in a perfect alignment of lean business and agile software development. He's an advocate of microservices architecture, automated CI/CD/QA flows as a solution for that